How to use the crescentric saw tool

To find the Crescentic Saw tool, open the menu in the top right corner. Choose “Tools” and select “Crescentic Saw.”

Adjust the position of your information palette to suit your work area.

Now, pan the Crescentic Saw tool to center your ACA.

Once centered, use the slider to select the radius that best fits your patient’s tibial morphology.

You can rotate the blade to adjust the orientation of your osteotomy and make refinements to your cortical exit points.

When ready, start your cut.

Now, delineate the fragment you wish to move. If you define a proximal portion, you can rotate to a target joint orientation line.

Alternatively, you can delineate a distal portion and rotate to a target mechanical axis to suit your planning style.

Your rotation is noted in degrees, circumferential travel, and the all-important chord rotation.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to use the Crescentic Saw tool in your surgical planning.



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