About Us

We are surgeons behind vPOPPRO, passionate about bringing affordable accessible precision surgical planning to the orthopaedic community and help optimise patent outcomes. We want to facilitate education, research, collaboration and mentorship by providing a tactile, agile, mobile solution to orthopaedic planning all at fingertip reach.

As surgeons we need flexibility, and precision – so that means multiplatform access, wherever we are. We need virtual tools to visualise the target postoperative image that we aim for our patients and that quite frankly, both they and we deserve. We want to be able to bin those degrading elusive slippery acetates that interfere with touch devices and whose calibration inevitably lies between 2 clicks of a mouse wheel but we don’t want digital templates with the pixels of 90’s game consoles. We don’t need the cumbersome footprint of outdating hardcopy catalogues, we just need dedicated, virtual, precise, veterinary preoperative orthopaedic planning…. at our fingertips please.

vPOPPRO was originally a private personal iPad commission drawn up in the steam of a bathroom window for the founding surgeon Dr Rory Paton back in 2014. Fellow surgeon friends and peers quickly asked what it would take to release it to the orthopaedic community. Within weeks it launched on the iPad App Store, but we couldn’t believe the community wanted it on their iPhones. So that was next, because the accuracy of vPOPPRO permitted it too. Now on Mac, PC and browser, you can access the precision you need, wherever and whenever you want.

Thousands of surgeons in over 80 universities countries now do just that. Still not convinced? Just try it free for 30 days, without obligation. We think you will be glad you did.

Dr Rory Paton

CEO & Founder


With over 25 years as a surgeon, Rory commissioned vPOPPRO back in 2015 for his own mobile surgical caseload which both continues to stress test vPOPPRO and stimulate its evolution. vPOPPRO is now used in over 80 universities and by thousands of surgeons worldwide. Rory works with colleagues and educators internationally to optimise surgical planning, orthopaedic tuition, research and mentorship, ultimately to optimise patient outcomes. He loves CORAs and optimising the surgical workflow at all levels.

Louise Paton

Director of Business Strategy & Development

With over 25 years experience in education, latterly as Head of Department of a internationally renowned public secondary school, Louise specialised in mentoring students applying to Oxford & Cambridge, those looking to read Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at University and continues to do so in her spare time. Louise is a cofounder of VetSOS Education and now researches and develops international relationships within the Educational sector. Louise also has a leadership role in local not for profit community enterprise having recently secured government funding to save and reopen a Public House.

Paul Stephens

Operations Director

Paul is a powerhouse in customer service and UI/UX, committed to maintaining strong, responsive brand standards. As the vPOPPRO leadership team coordinator, he excels in developing business opportunities, introducing user lead functionality enhancements and integrating new systems. His seamless collaboration with developers and designers ensures top-notch results. In 2016, Paul became a Personal Trainer, combining his expertise in health, nutrition, and human performance to enhance workplace productivity. He champions staff wellness, often holding business development meetings in the gym. Passionate about travel, Paul loves exploring the Philippines with his wife and daughter.

Published Papers

vPOPPRO has been used in over 16 peer-reviewed publications to date. Like to feature yours here? Get in touch…



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