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Welcome to Surge: Empowering Mobile Surgeons Worldwide

The world of veterinary surgery is rapidly evolving, and a growing international community of mobile surgeons is leading the charge. These dedicated professionals are redefining the boundaries of traditional practice, bringing high-quality surgical care directly to patients, wherever they are needed. Surge, based in the US, is at the heart of this movement, providing unparalleled support and resources for mobile surgeons across the globe.

Why Choose Surge?

Comprehensive Support Network

Becoming a member of Surge connects you to an extensive network of online business resources, a mentorship program for newcomers, and a vibrant community forum for clinical and business support. Our platform is designed to address the unique challenges faced by mobile surgeons, offering tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and patient care.

Exclusive Discounts and Partnerships

As a Surge member, you gain access to exclusive discounts from a wide range of implant manufacturers and service providers. Whether you’re familiar with these brands or discovering new ones, our partnerships ensure you get the best deals to support your practice.

Streamlined Systems and Processes

Mobile surgical practices require more than just one backup solution. At Surge, we understand the importance of automation, delegation, and efficiency. Our systems and processes are designed to minimize friction points and maximize your focus on patient care, ensuring you deliver the safest and most reliable treatments.

Mobile PRO: Revolutionizing Mobile Surgical Practice

Typical Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are not built for the fast-paced, dynamic workflow of a mobile surgical practice. That’s where Mobile PRO comes in. Developed in collaboration with Surge Founders Drs. Harper, Ballow, and Zeltzman, Mobile PRO is specifically designed to address the unique needs of mobile surgeons.

Key Features of Mobile PRO

  • Seamless Referral Workflow: Referring veterinarians can now submit referrals directly to your vPOP platform. After a simple, card-free registration to a new, planning-free vPOP membership, colleagues can create cases, add signalment, images, PDFs, and refer directly to you.
  • Efficient Case Management: Your reports are automatically populated with all the necessary metadata, streamlining the administrative process. This allows your support staff to manage and download reports with ease, freeing up more time for patient care.
  • Enhanced Communication: With Mobile PRO, you can deliver diagnoses, advice, dates, and prices to your host clinics swiftly, even while on the move. This ensures that you remain responsive and efficient, no matter where your practice takes you.

Join Surge Today

Experience the future of mobile veterinary surgery with Surge. Our innovative solutions and supportive community are here to help you navigate the challenges of mobile practice, allowing you to reach more patients and deliver exceptional care. For more information on Mobile PRO eligibility and how to join, contact Surge today.

Surge – Empowering Mobile Surgeons to Transform Veterinary Care.

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