Designed by Surgeons. For Surgeons.

Designed by Surgeons.
For Surgeons.

Orthopaedic planning redefined.

vPOPPRO is the world’s leading dedicated veterinary orthopaedic planning and templating solution that saves you time.

Plan your TPLO, CCWO or CBLO in a minute, template your total hips in seconds, all with unrivalled efficiency and peerless precision. No more acetates, cumbersome catalogues or rotation charts, you can now precisely visualise your target postoperative radiograph and plan the simple steps to get there.

Used in over 80 universities, 70+ countries and thousands of surgeons worldwide

The leading orthopaedic planning software choice of international orthopaedic CE / CPD providers.

Maximum convenience with multiplatform access

One subscription across all your devices

All your favourite implants, automatic updates

From Mobile…

vPOPPRO is compatible with iOS and Android mobiles…

To Tablet…

vPOPPRO seamlessly allows you to transfer your case plan across multiple devices…

To Laptop/PC/Mac…

vPOPPRO is compatible with Apple, Windows and all major web browsers.

To Theatre.

vPOPPRO allows you to use mixed reality in theatre. Slide to view operation plan overlaid on actual surgery.

Plan Anywhere.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Every tool you need, as precise as your fingertips.

Intuitive Calibration in seconds. Zoom in for sub-millimetre accuracy. The most flexible, precise TPLO and CBLO planning ever, simply rotate to your target Tibial plateau angle - no more rotation tables.   

CCWO and CBLO planning with ultimate accuracy and efficiency. Track and accommodate tibial long axis shift. Next-level accuracy for DFO, CCWO and mCCWO planning with adjustable Wedge tools and automated base measurements. 

Peerless TTA planning - place the perfect cage size and position to achieve your perfect virtual advancement AND avoid cage stress-risers. Enjoy the world’s first and only solution for combining and planning for the 2 virtual crescentic osteotomies of double-cut TPLO and CBLO.  

Add a case

Add a title, assign case contacts and add optional case notes.

Import Radiographs

Import as many radiographs as you want, set the scale and even patient orientation.

Start your plan!

Easy! Start using vPOP PRO for planning, tools and implants.

Expansive Implant Library.

Peerless detailing. Unrivalled inventory. Automatic updates.

We call it artwork and we obsess about it. You and your patients deserve better than pixels, acetates and imprecision. The more variable the planning the more variable the outcome, so why compromise? If you work within submillimetre precision, why shouldn’t your tools?

VPOP has the most intricate template detailing you have ever seen, painstakingly and passionately redrawn to manufacturer specification. We are fussy surgeons behind vPOPPRO, just like you. We focus on the details and the automatic updates so you can focus on your patients.

Be reassured you have the most comprehensive, evolving, most detailed library of current veterinary orthopaedic plate templates in the world… across all your devices… right at your fingertips.



After the trial period, an in-app subscription is required. Payment details required for free trial.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Dr Rosario Vallefuoco - DVM, DESV, DipECVS, MRCVS, RCVS & EBVS

"I have been really impressed with how easy and user-friendly the software is. We use VPOP at Pride Veterinary Referrals on the daily basis for all orthopaedic pre-operative planning and find it very quick and accurate, given the ability to calibrate the images.

The range of implant templates available makes it very versatile and the ability to look back on previous cases is very useful. It is a fantastic aid for our surgical interns and residents, allowing them to manipulate the images and see first-hand the outcome of their surgical planning. VPOP has become essential to our orthopaedic work."

Dr David Dycus - DVM MS CCRP, DACVS

"Having used other imaging software products I can truly say that vPOP is simple to use, and is user friendly. It was designed by a veterinarian with veterinarians in mind. The ability to pull up images on any device as well as the ability to manipulate images and place implant templates makes vPOP stand out among the others. I am able to rehearse an entire surgery prior to going into the operating room and know what my expected outcome will be.

In addition, using vPOP to train veterinarians in Orthopaedic surgery is fantastic as well as the ability to show owners in the examination room what we will be doing in surgery. For an owner to see how we will be manipulating a bone or fracture and what it will look like radiographically afterwards goes a long way for client education and understanding."

Dr Fabrice Bernard - DMV IPSAV ECVS

"VPOP PRO is just the way every app every orthopaedic surgeon would have dreamed of. It is the best surgical planning software or app that has been available to veterinary surgeons. It is very intuitive, easy to use, scalable and is available on our favourite IT equipment including iPad. I feel it is a useful tool for vets beginning with orthopaedics and surgical residents to plan fracture management.

It can also help you with the most complex cases. I really like the way new tools are constantly created to answer new surgical challenges and to plan the most recently described orthopaedic surgical procedures. It is amazing to be able to visualise the virtual final results and simulate the use of different implants from all the companies. I have been using vPOP PRO almost every week to plan my CBLO surgeries and would not plan a CBLO with any other planning tool."

Brian Trumpatori - DVM DACVS-SA

"I was a somewhat late adopter - holding fast to my older, now unsupported planning software but making the switch to vPOP was a no-brainer once I realized how very user friendly it is. I love having access to my cases across all platforms (mobile, tablet, web and desktop). Planning cases is intuitive (and made easier with your wonderful videos) and sharing them with colleagues is effortless.

I love how you solicit and incorporate user feedback and are timely with updates, including newer implants. vPOP has made planning complex cases easier and, honestly more enjoyable. Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our ortho toolkit."

Dr Tetsuaki Koreeda - DVM, PhD. Japan

"vPOP PRO is a very powerful tool for pre-operative planning in veterinary orthopedics. vPOP allows accurate surgical planning, negating the need for mathematical or geometric calculations, for surgeries such as THR for coxofemoral diseases, TPLO and other osteotomies for cranial cruciate injuries, and corrective osteotomies for bone deformities, and its even wider use can be easily foreseen. 

The calibration function of vPOP enables correction of magnification and accurate measurement. With digital templating using implants from numerous manufacturers, surgeons are no longer required to use rulers and protractors on radiographs or tracing papers, to plan out and simulate the procedure.  

This user-friendly software’s capability to improve efficiency, which saves time and labor, is eye-opening. A detailed manual as well as tutorial videos can be accessed through the vPOP website.  

It can be accessed from any location and I have used vPOP when teaching surgical planning at TPLO, fracture and THR labs and workshops, not only in Japan, but also abroad, such as Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Turkey. 

vPOP is used worldwide in orthopedic surgery workshops, and has contributed tremendously to veterinary education. And for that, I would like to sincerely pay my respects to the founder and friend of mine, Dr. Rory Paton."

Massimo Petazzoni - CVMS. MIlano, Italy

"As a long-time user of vPOP since its inception, I can confidently say that this tool has revolutionized veterinary medicine. From the beginning, I have been an advocate for vPOP, believing in its immense utility for veterinary professionals. The extensive library of implants and tools for measurement and planning it offers is unparalleled. 

What sets vPOP apart is not only its fair pricing but also the company's unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. They actively listen to feedback from colleagues, ensuring that the platform evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of veterinary orthopedics.

I have used vPOP extensively and continue to do so around the world for continuing education. The quality of the tool is exceptional, and its regular updates and enhancements make it an indispensable resource for any veterinary orthopedic specialist.

For anyone in the veterinary field looking to elevate their practice, I cannot recommend vPOP enough. It is a game-changer."

Bruno Lins - DVM, PhD, Diplomate CBCV (Small Anima Surgery). OrtoDerm Specialists - São Paulo, Brazil

"After try many surgical planning apps, I’ve been using vPOP PRO since it was released many years ago and can‘t imagine my days at OrtoDerm Veterinary Specialists without it. VPOP is the best planning tool for my complex osteotomies, Total Hip Replacements and even simple fractures. It has all the necessary tools and implant templates from the best companies over the world and it works in a very intuitive and friendly platform. Have it on my computer, notebook, Ipad and even Iphone 24 hours / 7 days permits anytime and anywhere access. Also, many other features: teaching became much easier with the app, with possibilities to show and share many cases with my students in real time during lectures and mentoring.  Sharing complex cases with colleagues around the world makes easier the comunication with my best friends orthopedic surgeons and helps a lot to get second opnions to make better results for our patients. Finally, Rory and his team are always behind it with an incredible support. Deffinetly VPOP  made the difference in worldwide veterinary orthopedic surgical planning. Despite you are a very recognized expert or begginer ortho lover, you need VPOP. Looking forward for the new versions."

Dr Scott Fetherston - DVM. Fetherston Veterinary Orthopedics

"I can't say enough positive things about vPOP PRO. This tool is a game-changer that has truly revolutionized my surgical planning, case management and teaching processes. The multi-platform access provides unparalleled flexibility and convenience that enables me to review and plan cases on my laptop, tablet, or phone. The intuitive interface, comprehensive suite of features, and high-quality implant templates allow for meticulous planning, greater efficiency and improved outcomes. It has become an indispensable part of my workflow, streamlining complex procedures and facilitating better educational experiences. I most highly recommend vPOP PRO to any veterinary professional seeking to elevate their orthopedic practice with state-of-the-art planning capabilities."

Prof Mark Rochat - DVM, MS, Dipl ACVS Professor of Small Animal Orthopedics. Section Chief, Small Animal Surgery - Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University

"I can’t say enough good things about vPOP. With Orthoview failing to keep up with the rapidly expanding veterinary orthopedic market, we were forced to look elsewhere and vPOP turned out to be an excellent solution. It has become the mainstay of our presurgical planning, whether it’s TPLOs, total hips or total knees, or fracture management scenarios. We use a wide variety of implant systems and, while most are already available on vPOP, Dr. Paton and team are very responsive to requests to add more as needed. The system is remarkably simple and easily understood with simple-to-follow tutorials. Nevertheless, Dr. Paton was quick to offer his personal time to provide us with a remote in-service training session when we first subscribed. Since then, I have found him incredibly helpful in my own quest to better use the nuances of the system. And, while every program has things about it that we wish were better or different, that’s a short list of relatively minor issues for vPOP and I’ve always found Dr. Paton to be very interested in client feedback and responsive to suggestions. I also greatly appreciate the portability of vPOP.

Beyond the clinical aspects, vPOP has become a valuable training tool for our residents. Dr. Paton has been incredibly supportive of our efforts to train residents in how to improve the quality of their work through preoperative planning. To that end, he has been diligent in making vPOP affordable to our program so we can continue to provide the best of training for our residents."

Dr Alessandro Piras - DVM. Specialist in Veterinary Surgery

"I distinctly recall the day Rory approached me to introduce VPOP. At the time, I was the International Chair of Education at AOVET, I was deeply involved in developing new course content and formats, particularly for deformities correction and TPLO. We needed a planning tool that was user-friendly, versatile, educational, and had diverse implant choices. Rory's app, VPOP, perfectly aligned with our vision, offering the solutions we sought. 

Despite my hectic schedule, I couldn't ignore Rory's enthusiastic appeal. When he unveiled VPOP, I was amazed. His creation quickly became the most utilized and esteemed planning tool in the global veterinary orthopaedic community. 

Today, VPOP is integral to many AOVET courses and widely used by CPD providers, academic institutions, and orthopaedic implant companies. I fervently recommend it to colleagues and course participants. The learning curve is swift, thanks to exceptional tutorials and examples. The technical support is exemplary, with Rory tirelessly answering queries. 

As an educator, I appreciate VPOP's educational utility. It allows for remote consultation, real-time case sharing, and insightful discussions, enhancing pre and post-op assessments. The app consistently draws excellent feedback from course participants. 

As the owner of an orthopaedic implant company, seeing our products featured in VPOP is exciting. The remarkable artwork and reliable technical support add to the sense of validation. VPOP stands as the innovation we had long sought, deserving recognition for its imaginative and bold approach. Rory's emphasis on imagination in VPOP's evolving features evokes profound respect for his visionary thinking. VPOP has truly changed our profession, making surgery more predictable and improving outcomes."

Mike Kowaleski - DVM Diplomate ACVS/ECVS

"The addition of vPOP to my orthopaedic practice has brought digital orthopaedic planning to the next level. Multiplatform access allows one to plan on any device in any location for later viewing in the operating room. A typical workflow is to plan the case on an office workstation and view on the operating room workstation. In other situations, a laptop can be used in the operating room or exported, planned images can be viewed. When out of the office, planned cases can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Another great feature is case sharing which allows colleagues to share plans for review by other surgeons. We have used this powerful feature for several training courses to share cases and exercises with the participants. The ability to import various image files greatly increases the versatility of this planning tool. Access to numerous implants from the leading manufactures virtually guarantees that the implant you intend to use is available as a digital template. I’m greatly looking forward to the release of vPOP 3.0."

Dr Brian Beale - DVM DACVS ACVS Founding Fellow Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery

"vPOP Pro has been a game-changer in my hospitals. My favourite features include the comprehensive templates and automated tools, which save significant time in planning orthopaedic procedures. The integration of AI ensures more accurate planning, enhancing the quality of care I provide. The app's multiplatform access allows me to use it seamlessly on my computer, tablet, and phone, ensuring I can work efficiently no matter where I am. Its ease of use has also greatly facilitated my teaching of workshops, making complex concepts more accessible to veterinarians anxious to expand their skill set.

VPOP Pro is my go-to app for all orthopaedic assessments and planning, particularly for TPLO, THR, MPL, fracture repair, and limb deformity correction. It has positively contributed to the veterinary orthopaedic community by providing all vets with a low-cost solution to optimize their ability to plan and perform advanced orthopaedic surgeries. This app is an invaluable resource, and I highly recommend it to any veterinary professional looking to enhance their practice."