Designed by Surgeons. For Surgeons.

Designed by Surgeons.
For Surgeons.

Orthopaedic planning redefined.

vPOPPRO is the world’s leading dedicated veterinary orthopaedic planning and templating solution that saves you time.

Plan your TPLO, CCWO or CBLO in a minute, template your total hips in seconds, all with unrivalled efficiency and peerless precision. No more acetates, cumbersome catalogues or rotation charts, you can now precisely visualise your target postoperative radiograph and plan the simple steps to get there.

vPOPPRO is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and all major web browsers.



After the trial period, an in-app subscription is required. Payment details required for free trial.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Every tool you need, as precise as your fingertips.

Intuitive Calibration in seconds. Zoom in for sub-millimetre accuracy. The most flexible, precise TPLO and CBLO planning ever, simply rotate to your target Tibial plateau angle - no more rotation tables.   

CCWO and CBLO planning with ultimate accuracy and efficiency. Track and accommodate tibial long axis shift. Next-level accuracy for DFO, CCWO and mCCWO planning with adjustable Wedge tools and automated base measurements. 

Peerless TTA planning - place the perfect cage size and position to achieve your perfect virtual advancement AND avoid cage stress-risers. Enjoy the world’s first and only solution for combining and planning for the 2 virtual crescentic osteotomies of double-cut TPLO and CBLO.  

Add a case

Add a title, assign case contacts and add optional case notes.

Import Radiographs

Import as many radiographs as you want, set the scale and even patient orientation.

Start your plan!

Easy! Start using vPOP PRO for planning, tools and implants.

Expansive Implant Library.

Peerless detailing. Unrivalled inventory. Automatic updates.

We call it artwork and we obsess about it. You and your patients deserve better than pixels, acetates and imprecision. The more variable the planning the more variable the outcome, so why compromise? If you work within submillimetre precision, why shouldn’t your tools?

VPOP has the most intricate template detailing you have ever seen, painstakingly and passionately redrawn to manufacturer specification. We are fussy surgeons behind vPOPPRO, just like you. We focus on the details and the automatic updates so you can focus on your patients.

Be reassured you have the most comprehensive, evolving, most detailed library of current veterinary orthopaedic plate templates in the world… across all your devices… right at your fingertips.